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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Morning After

Speaker Boehner and the country awake to a new reality. Just days after going “mano a mano” with the president it is clear that

any credibility he had in claiming that his restive members could get behind a consensus debt deal has vanished…In a highly embarrassing development, Boehner must now move his bill to the right in order to secure enough votes from his own party. The Speaker's failure exposes an uncomfortable reality for the GOP: A final debt ceiling compromise will likely require a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans to pass the House, and the outspoken conservative wing of the party will not be on board…but it's clear now that Speaker Boehner will need Democratic votes to get any compromise through the House. And that leaves the Republican leader with two options: abandon Tea Party freshmen and form a coalition between his most moderate members and 150+ Dems, or potentially allow the last best hope for a debt ceiling deal to fail in his chamber, with nothing but market panic left to make his members reconsider. Either would be a bruising choice for the embattled Speaker.

No wonder Time is predicting a “coming GOP split”:

As two roads diverge before the GOP on the debt ceiling, it’s increasingly hard to see a path that leads to party unity. Go right and the GOP risks default and, as McConnell has warned, being blamed by the center for an economic disaster. Take the center path – there is no left turn here – and Republicans risk an angry Tea Party base and potential primary threats. From the advent of the Tea Party to purity tests and the 2010 primary challenges, the split has been a long time coming.

The hubris of a week ago has vanished for traditional conservative Republicans. Their attempts to blame Obama and his "jello-like" negotiations and his "irresponsible press conference" look like the ridiculous delusions they were at the time. They failed to see what is now clear to the nation--their only chance to do the right thing is to compromise and cut the Tea Party off at the knees. Instead of reverting to blaming Obama, this Friday lets hope they join with him.

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