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Monday, May 2, 2011

This IS Obama

1)   This is precisely the kind of operation Obama said he would do.
2)   This is what needed to be done.
3)   This is what should have been done years ago.
4)   This is what could have been done if we had not lost our focus and sought after the neoconservative obsession with Hussein.
5)   This is how you really fight terrorism—a combination of diplomacy, intelligence, and proportional military action.
6)   This is why Obama was so blunt during the campaign and since becoming president in his criticism of Pakistan and his ignoring of Pakistani complaints.
7)   This is the kind of steely resolve, “no drama, Obama” planning, careful but bold action that I believed Obama was capable of.
8)   This is the perfect time to start bringing our boys and girls home from Afghanistan and investing those billions in this deficit crisis that our foreign policy has helped create.
9)   This is why I defend Obama against the lies and distortions—not because he is perfect or beyond criticism, but because he is fundamentally decent and a reflection of the best of American liberalism.

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  1. This was one of many shining moments for Mr. Obama as a candidate. As the mission to eliminate Bin Laden was one (of not so many) shining moments as President. (but wait I while, I'm a newbie to DO - maybe you'll sway me...) Amazing how the scenerio they discuss is almost exactly what he had to do. With such clarity why do you suppose he kept them waiting for 16 hours to let them go? No matter. He made the right decision. Bravo.