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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bipartisan response to union bashing

As I have been arguing at this blog, the situation in Wisconsin is clearly part of a broader Republican strategy on a national level to use the budget crisis in state and federal government to weaken unions.
How else can you explain a GOP amendment proposed yesterday in the House to specifically defund the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Are you kidding me? Did they do that to save budget money? Anyone who believes that is blind to the symbolism intended in the amendment. The NLRB was created by FDR during the New Deal and is the epicenter of historic efforts by workers to organize themselves. By targeting this line item in the budget the Republican leadership was cynically trying to weaken unions and flex their muscles. Fortunately, this overreach was met with bipartisan resistance as 80 Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the measure. The radicalization of the Republican Party will force more and more votes that will divide Republicans and awaken Democrats.

Sooner or later large numbers of Americans will begin asking "is this what we intended to vote for in November? What does Planned Parenthood funding, union busting and eagerly cutting public sector jobs have to do with the stated goal of Republicans in November to be all about 'job creation'?"

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