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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Egypt, Christians and Obama

An important aspect of the Egypt story for many of us is what the revolution there holds for minority religions in Egypt. Without a doubt, the most talked about article on the topic is a provocative piece at Christianity Today titled “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Gospel of Christ” which makes an argument that not only will Christians be better off with Mubarak gone, but also that Christians there might be safer if the Brotherhood were a part of a future coalition government. It would certainly complicate the narrative of many evangelicals, as well as others, who have speculated at length about whether Obama is a Christian and/or is intentionally aiding radical Islam with his policies, if it turns out that a major step in the protection of Christian minorities in the Arab world were to happen under his watch. 

If you want to pursue the Egypt/Christianity aspect of the story further, here are links to three other pieces that I found helpful.

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