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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin--the logical result of the demeaning of public sector jobs

The reason that the situation in Wisconsin matter nationally is because it is of a piece with the broader strategy that Republican leaders clearly have of demeaning the significance of public sector/government jobs. Remember, that just this week, when asked how he felt about jobs being cut due to budget cuts, Speaker of the House Boehner said "so be it." 

Of course, this is the logical consequence of the Republican myth, hammered home with endless repetition, that Obama's stimulus package "did not create a single job", when in fact it has created thousands.

All of this rhetoric finds its end result in the Wisconsin governor's effort to eliminate the right to collective bargaining under the guise of "cutting the deficit."

Lets be clear once and for all, public sector workers are working Americans, too. Public sector workers have children, pay taxes, go to churches, sacrifice their children in military service. Public sector unions arose because of legitimate grievances. Public sector employees who lose their jobs have to receive unemployment aid from the government like everyone else. Public sector employees are not all lazy, incompetent people. Having been subjected to the indignity of these labels for years, we are with the people in Wisconsin saying "Enough is Enough." We will not allow your bogus rhetoric and twisted logic to reach into our right to collectively bargain.

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