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Friday, February 18, 2011

Calm, clear critique of Wisconsin governor

Ezra Klein has turned his attention, wit and brains onto the situation in Wisconsin and produced the best, clearest take on it by a national journalist. Here is the bottom line quote, but check out the whole article:

"[Governor Walker] is attacking the right to bargain collectively -- which is to say, he's attacking the very foundation of labor unions, and of worker power -- and using an economic crisis unions didn't cause, and a budget reversal that Walker himself helped create, to justify it."

I emphasized the words in bold because that is what I know for me, and I think for many, most infuriates me about this action by the governor. 30 months ago our country faced a financial crisis unlike anything since the Great Depression and it has caused untold problems for state and local government's budgets. This financial crisis had absolutely no connection to unions, and in a calculated attack Republican governors are turning to scapegoating unions just months after they handed the wealthiest 2% a huge tax cut and at a time in which Wall Street is booming again. It is an outrage and the pent up anger over this has awakened the Progressive Movement and given backbone to the Democratic Party.

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