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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sneaky Socialist Alert

Sneaky Socialist Alert

As we all know, President Obama is a socialist who desires to ultimately eliminate a private sector and have the government at the commanding heights of the economy. Of course, he is sneaky about it and will occasionally do things to make us think that he is not a socialist but is actually a capitalist who supports a free market with sufficient government regulations.

The latest trick Obama has pulled involves Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the evil mortgage company that is run by the government. A true socialist would want to increase the power of these entities and move the country in the direction of having government connections to more and more mortgages. But in order to trick us into thinking he is not a socialist, the president has proposed eliminating these two companies. The Republican leadership has been fooled by this, and is actually welcoming this action, just as they welcomed his decision not to nationalize the banks when he had the opportunity to do so at the start of his administration. These Republicans seem to think that they can support and welcome Obama’s steps to keep the government out of the private sector, while at the same time allowing Republican congressional leaders as well as the majority of conservative media to demonize the president as a socialist. How stupid do these Republicans think their conservative base is?

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