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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Changing Narrative on Libya

Old Narrative, New Narrative

The Old (as in a couple days old) Narrative from folks like me on the Left:  Whether it is neoconservative hubris or neoliberal hubris--Hubris is Hubris, and Militarism is Militarism.

The New Narrative: Obama is the Crown Prince of Pragmatic Progressivism

As one who voiced the Old Narrative on facebook at the start of the week, I am not yet ready to embrace the New Narrative, but I have to admit that at the very least Obama has saved thousands of lives and given urgency to diplomatic activity in the Africa Union, the Arab League and the European Union aimed at either empowering the opposition or getting Qaddaffi to step down. He has accomplished this in the context of clearly stating his intention to draw down American involvement in a matter of days, an intention that has focused the minds of his African, Arab and European allies. 

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