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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What about the budget, Governor Walker!!??

After weeks of trying to pass off the lie that Governor Walker needed to strip collective bargaining rights in order to balance the budget, Wisconsin Republicans have just found a way to vote on the bill stripping collective bargaining rights by…….taking it out of the budget/money bill which allows them to vote on it without the Democrats there. In other words, this was not ever about the budget. The budget crisis was an excuse to go after unions. The only way this might not stand is that in order to get this fraud passed through quickly, they clearly broke the law requiring 24 hour notice of a new law. This is the radicalism that I have been talking about. This is why Democrats from the local level on up to the federal level must unite deeply around the core values of our party—standing up for working men and women, whatever their color or creed. This is the reason this blog is called Defending Obama—we have to stand together, linked to the memory of FDR and Kennedy and MLK and resist the extremism aflame in the land.

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