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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great new blog

I’m loving this blog “evangelical crossroads”. Here are some highlights from recent posts there, both related to Christian and Muslim relationships.

“But more importantly, focusing on the weakness of the other is a reflection of a weakness in ourselves. We should all, Christians and Muslims alike, be focused on how we are living and aligning our thoughts and behaviors with our faith, not with collectively establishing our moral superiority over the other.”

“I have frequently said that we should be in regular prayer for Al Qaeda and Bin Laden. While some people are sympathetic to this, my experience is that many American Christians would just as soon wish that they’d all go to hell. That may sound harsh (and it is) but try speaking up on a regular basis for the Muslim world and calling everyone to love them. I think you’ll see that people will respond with apathy and/or resistance to the idea, perhaps labeling it “simple minded” or something that “just won’t work.””

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