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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Witness to Wisconsin

One of the true pleasures I had when I worked in publishing was seeing the birth of Books & Culture. If you have never read this magazine, this new post on their blog is a great place to start. It represents the kind of thoughtful prose that we have come to expect from a magazine edited by the brilliant (and hilarious) John Wilson. The writer of this piece, Paul Grant, is from Wisconsin and he does a wonderful job of placing the current controversy there into the rich context of Wisconsin history. I fear that he is right when he says:

In his effort to pass a philosophically purist bill, the governor has turned neighbors against each other. By telling us that our sewer workers and schoolteachers and librarians are lazy and greedy, he has set the terms of the debate in the worst possible way. It is a wound that will outlive his tenure by a long shot.

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