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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sports watch

Random musings on the world of sports:

Cardinals nation is in mourning over the prospect of losing Albert Pujols after this year and Adam Wainright for this year. At least Stan Musial got the Presidential Medal of Freedom… 

Bulls fans old enough to remember life before Jordan can’t help but see some comparisons between the lunch-pail work ethic of this year’s bunch and the scrappy teams of the Jerry Sloan/Chet Walker/Norm van Lier days. Derrick Rose is refreshing in his intensity and determination. Watch out Celtics!! You took us out when Rose was a rookie in that amazing series, but we might getcha back this year!

Doesn’t seem right that former Dodger great Mike Scioscia is the Angels manager while former Yankees great Don Mattingly is the Dodgers manager.

I don’t hate pro football or anything, but the year round hyping of it gets nauseating. Isn’t there an offseason for that Mel Kiper dude? And what is with his hair?

I love Albert Pujols and I’m glad he is a Christian and all, but it just seems a bit much to have a spokesman for Jesus angling for a $30 million a year contract…I’m just sayin’

If you are a book fan and a baseball fan, you got to read that Willie Mays biography that came out last year. Great read.

The interview with Bob Costas about it was tremendous as well. 

Moving to Washington, DC looked to be hard on the baseball front, but the Nationals and the Orioles actually have some reason to hope this spring. Definitely glad my man Vladi Guerrero has followed me east!! 

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